Cuerden Private Nursery is an independent setting located in the grounds of Cuerden Church School, We offer a home from home environment for children to learn in. 

From September 2020 we are now running as a 9am-3pm term time only setting.

We provide a safe, friendly and stimulating environment for children aged 2 to 5years. We are able to offer children the choice of continuous indoor/outdoor provision so that they can experience all weather conditions. 

We are aiming to adopt the curiosity approach and are slowly making changes to the environment. The curiosity approach is about using open ended resources towards the children's development and allowing them to explore at the their own pace rather than setting out toys and activties that only have one function or outcome.

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Open resources such as buttons, ribbons, bobbins, boxes etc, can be used towards a childs development and imagination and multiple things can be created from such simple things. These resources are also a lot cheaper than the plastic fantastic toys and also offer a lot more brain stimulation than they do. Just from taking a box, it can be used as a car, a boat, a house, a truck that is being driven on a safari and kitchen roll tubes can be used binoculars. The possibilities are endless, especially for a child.